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Welcome Jason

To start off, please welcome Jason Masters. Jason Masters is our new Business Development Manager. He looks after new opportunities, and works with our suppliers and members primarily in our new perk and perk+ offerings. Jason comes from a sales and relationship management background in various parts of the agricultural sector. He is also heavily involved in the youth and camps industry both in operations and governance. Initially, he will be working closely with Craig to get to know you and you...

May 24, 2019

It's not about the money

If you believe the movies, business is a world of corporate cut throats, prowling Wall Street looking for victims to fleece. We all know that our local businesses are nothing like that (in fact I doubt there are many in New Zealand like that), however we all still need to pause at times and remember that business is always just people dealing with people.  Staff, managers, owners, customers and suppliers are all just a collection of individuals, each trying to do the best they can for their...

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