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Three ways your business can benefit:


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to reduce your overheads
Get exclusive discounts on a huge range of products and services, NZ wide.
Brands you know, trust and love!


Promote your brand to thousands of members NZ wide
Offer our members a great deal and grow from our loyal nationwide customer base.


Reward your members/staff/customers
Custom branded discount cards and smartphone apps. Your brand, our discounts, their savings!

Every day savings on every day costs

Foodservice & Equipment

Appliances & Technology

Building & Maintenance

Vehicle & Fuel Costs

Office &

Hospitality, Food Safety & Cleaning

Accommodation & Travel


Save on brands you already know and love:

Save on brands you already know and love:

Save more. Give more.

CSC Buying Group is a not-for-profit that builds richer communities through reducing the every day cost of business.

We connect businesses with the products and services they already buy from our nationwide supplier network to significantly lower costs and overheads through exclusive member discounts.

Buying through us also supports our community partners to make a difference in people's lives—so every dollar you save gives back even more.

We're saving money, meeting needs, and changing the world. Join us!


What is a buying group?
A buying group is the power of the people in action! Businesses are the building blocks of today's communities. When we join together we gain great group discounts on New Zealand's favourite products and services through our combined buying power...keeping more in our pockets to contribute to the customers and communities we serve.  READ MORE

CSC 2020 Newsletter

December 22, 2020
Our final newsletter is full of lots of awesome gift ideas, left over food ideas, and the donations you have helped us with for 2020.It's been a full on crazy year, bring on 2021!See our latest newsletter here...
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