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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a buying group?

A buying group is the power of the people in action! Businesses are the building blocks of today's communities. When we join together we gain great group discounts on New Zealand's favourite products and services through our combined buying power...keeping more in our pockets to contribute to the customers and communities we serve.

How does it work?

The process is simple:

  1. Join us for free.
  2. Download our Discount App to get discounts at point of sale.
  3. Got an existing account with any of our suppliers? Link to a CSC member account to get your discounts without changing your buying behaviour.  Same company, same rep, same product -- just more savings!

Who can join?

Are you a business?  Welcome!  Our members are businesses of every size, from sole traders to partnerships, to limited liability companies and not-for-profits like us - though most are SMEs (small to medium enterprises) - the backbone of the New Zealand economy.  

If you are a business of any size, join us and start making significant savings on your overheads today. At this time our products and services are targeted to save money for businesses, and we are unable to offer membership to individuals.

How much will I save?

We wish we could give you an exact figure, but your business buying behaviour is unique, as are the offers from our suppliers.  Most members save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in their business every year, and sometimes every month, depending on the purchasing volume and category.

For a more personalised look at your potential savings, get in touch - or just join up and see.  It's free!

And if you're a member with an outstanding savings story, we'd love to know it and share it!  Shout it out on our social media, or send us an email and we'll send you a little thank you present for helping us out.

If you're free, and we save...how do you make money?

Some of our suppliers reward us for access to our loyal customer base with a rebate when you purchase from them. We love win-win outcomes where we can both offer savings and benefits to other businesses, and earn our own keep.  Our business is proof of the mutually beneficial value that can be created through community!

As a not-for-profit, who do you give your profits to?

We believe in on-the-ground practical giving that makes a real difference to people and communities. The biggest portion of our profit goes to Send a Kid to Camp and Christian Camping New Zealand. These hardworking organisations share our community values and contribute important skills, experiences and memories that benefit Kiwi kids and families for the rest of their lives.

We also give to other local and overseas initiatives that impact community, e.g.  disability, social services and disaster relief. Learn more about where we give here.

Got a question we haven't answered?

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