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CSC Buying Group is a not-for-profit that builds richer communities through reducing the every day cost of business.

We connect businesses with the products and services they already buy from our nationwide supplier network to significantly lower costs and overheads through great discounts.

Our passion for supporting thriving communities has grown into a community of it's own.  'Building Richer Communities' is our mission statement and purpose and, in an increasingly diverse digital world, something we see as more necessary now than ever before. 

By coming together as CSC members, businesses can become more financially sustainable, create greater value, and build a better future.

As well as saving you money, buying with us also supports our community partners to make a difference in people's lives through disability support, kid's health and sports programmes, and relief aid—so every dollar you save gives back even more.

We value people over transactions to save money, meet needs, and change the world. Join us!

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