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Food Solutions for Chefs by Chefs

In over seventy countries Unilever Food Solutions offer a huge range of sauces, condiments, gravies, desserts, boosters & seasonings. A flavour to suit every menu and taste. 

Well known brands include Knorr, Knorr World Cuisine, Continental, Hellmann’s and Carte D’or. 

Visit the Unilever Food Solutions website for menu ideas, product information, or to request a sample. 

Fair Kitchens

The #FairKitchens Code is the starting point of the movement globally supported by chefs, for chefs. Its values are the ingredients of a happy kitchen: passion and communication, teamwork and time for individuals. Fair Kitchens also supports the mental health of chefs worldwide with supportive tools and content to download. 

Become a #FairKitchen supporter today! 




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