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Give Plants

A plant is a long-lasting, living gift. It may be a cliché, but plants really are a gift that keeps on giving. 

Perhaps you’ll choose a lemon tree to give someone who’s moving into a new house; each time they pick a lemon and add it to a cool drink they’ll think of you. CSC Members get 17% discount!

Why we exist

The best way to tell you about the company is to explain why we established Give Plants. In 2009 a
close family-friend passed away. His wife received many bouquets of flowers which led us to thinking:

What a waste; these flowers will all be gone in two weeks

The demise of the flowers will mean that she will be confronted with loss again

Flowers are short-lived; there will be no enduring memory

The flowers consumed all available space in the house

We've always given plants instead of flowers because plants last; they're a living gift. After travelling
to the funeral and returning home, I went online to purchase a quality plant to be delivered to our friend. 
I discovered that there were no real on-line solutions available to give plants as gifts in New Zealand.
I am not saying that you couldn’t purchase plants on-line at all, but we really wanted to send a quality,
good-sized, hardy plant in appropriate packaging that didn’t cost the earth. 

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