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Armstrong Security

You love your home and you're proud of your business. Every security solution created by Armstrong is developed with these truths in mind.

Armstrong will provide locksmithing, alarms, CCTV, safes, access control and key cutting services.

When you call, you can have confidence in over 30 years of locksmithing expertise.

Free Security Check

Visit our website and fill in the online form for your free security check.   One of our highly trained technicians will visit your home or business and give you an honest review of what security needs you may need, free of charge with no obligation to you. Helping to keep our communities safer.

Ever wondered why lost keys stay lost?

That’s because no one knows where to return them too.   Next time you visit an Armstrong store, pick up a key retriever brochure.  This brochure contains key tags with a unique number that you attach to your key ring.  If these tags with keys are found, the finder simply has to place the keys into any post office or post office box and these keys will become no longer lost, we return them to you, free of charge.

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