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If it's medical, Capes can supply

Capes Medical supplies over 10,000 medical products online.

CSC Buying Group members can now access reduced pricing when purchasing with Capes Medical, click here to access a huge range of products.

When you complete your purchase on Capes Medical you can set up your account login details, so you can return anytime to make more orders at reduced pricing.

7 Great reasons why you should purchase from Capes Medical

1. Comprehensive Range

With access to a product range of over 40,000 lines, we’re confident we can supply you with any product you require. Even obscure items. Because Capes deals with the world’s leading companies, our ability to source any item is impressive.

2. Low Prices

Capes is in touch with a wide range of medical and equipment suppliers. This enables our people to track down and demand the best products at the sharpest prices. We simply pass these savings on to you.

3. Easy Online Ordering System

We like to make things quick and easy for our clients. To that end we have designed you with customised online order forms in your log in area. The result is two-fold:

(1) Your systems are properly aligned with ours to ensure complete accuracy;

(2) Ordering supplies becomes merely a matter of clicking in the relevant boxes.

Capes is committed to making your buying experience as enjoyable as possible.

4. Brand Neutrality Capes is brand neutral.

This neutrality removes loyalty confusion. Our focus is simply to give you what you want, when you want it. We look forward to any feedback about products you would like to order.

5. Speed of Delivery

Capes knows you want you products as soon after you have purchased. Our entire operation is streamlined to supply your requests with maximum speed and minimal waiting time.

6. Accuracy of Supply

Accuracy of supply is absolutely critical. When your supplies arrive from Capes, you can be confident it contains all that you ordered and no more. The only exception to this commitment will be when we give you something free to try out.

7. Our Purchasing Background

Capes has a team of people who have had over 200 years experience in ordering supplies. We know what makes your day and what bugs you.


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