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Situated in the beautiful Waikato’s city of the future, Hamilton, 1-day proudly boasts the title of New Zealand’s top daily deal site.

Every day at midday we offer a slew of products at massively marked down prices. How is this done? Simple:

Direct importing and selling: We wipe out the middle man by importing quality goods straight from manufacturer/supplier, selling directly to our customers.

Bulk Buying: By purchasing in massive volume, we keep costs down and pass the savings on.

Overheads: No flashy shops, big rents or car park meter charges for us or customers – just a small team based in good old Hamilton with several warehouses around the country for prompt deliveries.

Service: Live Chat staff dedicated to keeping customers happy and the process fast.

And with 12 years of experience in the industry, 1-day has grown to be much more than just a daily deal site.

CSC Members get $5 off when they spend $30 or more.


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