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What and Why??

What does CSC stand for?

The C S C stands for Christian Supply Chain. When CSC started we were a group of just 16 Christian Camps.

In 2006 the name was changed to CSC to reflect the wider range of members we engage with.

What do we do?

We build richer communities

This is a bold claim, so what does it actually mean?

Small to medium enterprises and not-for-profits are the backbone of our economy – and our communities. We strive to reduce the costs of their everyday expenses. When these organisations thrive, so do our communities. Membership is totally free so everything you save, you keep.

A thriving community is an engaged community. Our 1Team division provides a cost-effective platform to encourage and enable this to happen – with the added bonus of some great rewards.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the fact that we are a charity and we give profits back to our communities.

CSC Buying Group is honestly a win : win proposition!

Why did we start?

After lecturing at a Christian Camp, Craig spoke with a wide range of caterers present to understand their time and monetary constraints.

Craigs belief was, and still is, that the camps core business/job, is to provide a quality meal service.

Craig felt it was more convenient to have suppliers deliver to the door for all product lines;  and cost effective if purchasing could be done at a National Level. By combining the volumes of camps and using this combined buying power, camps received cheaper goods.

Once the first National deal, with Bidvest, now Bidfood, was in  place Christian Supply Chain was born.

Why are we still here today?

We value people over transactions to save money, meet needs, and change the world.


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