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"Yeah we did ok..."

As the end of this strangest of years draws near, it’s good to look back and think “yeah we did OK”.

Like most organisations, we spent March/April planning for the worst. In December we can now review this period and celebrate some real achievements.

We retained all of our staff, with no reduction in their hours or pay. Our team is so important to us that this was always going to be our ‘mission critical’ goal.

We managed to increase the number of organisations we helped save money and the number who could reward and engage with their staff. People and financial security are so key during the tough times.

We are so proud of our Trustees who right from the word go, committed us to continuing our levels of giving for as long as possible. Not needing to decrease our donations was so rewarding – and we are thankful that all our regular donation recipients also continued their fantastic work throughout these troubled times.

Lastly we have now decided to repay the second wage subsidy. We’re not doing this because we have to, we’re doing it because our values mean that we want to. The subsidies did what they were intended to do and now we’re in a position to say to the government “thanks for supporting us when it mattered most, we appreciate the trust you placed in us. Now that we can repay you for this help, we want to do so”. It’s satisfying to be in this position – and we know most organisations aren’t able to do it.

All of this was only possible by making a lot of sacrifices and having a team determined to make things happen. As the country (and indeed the world) continues to feel the pain of the pandemic, we realise that at CSC, we have much to be thankful for.

As we give thanks for what we have achieved, our hearts also go out to those who have been less fortunate.

Kia kaha


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